Based on our working knowledge and research, we have designated three charities, one local, one national and one international, to receive our profits. Each of these organizations does outstanding work, has solid management and oversight, and spends a high level of their donations directly on their purposes. The efforts made by these charities are making very positive and important impacts in bettering the lives of individuals, communities, and societies in which they work.

All three charities are registered as non-profit organizations and have skilled Boards of Directors. Each has a website with clear information about their missions, goals and current efforts. One-third of Lost Creek Hippies Vineyard’s profits will got to to each of these charities listed below.

Lost Creek Hippies Vineyard will not accept donations on behalf of these charities. If you wish to donate to any of them, please visit the organization’s website and place a donation with them. Lost Creek Hippies Vineyard is not affiliated with the charities listed below; they are charities that we donate to and believe in. If you are satisfied with the Lost Creek Hippies Vineyard bottle of wine that you received or if you appreciate the concept of a charitable vineyard, we encourage you to donate through the websites of these organizations.