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Lost Creek Hippies Vineyard

Welcome to Lost Creek Hippies Vineyard. We are a charitable vineyard incorporated as a Wisconsin LLC in 2007.

We currently donate to three charities. We will use the profits from our grapes and apples to increase these donations. As 100% of our labor is donated, so will 100% of our profits be donated to these worthy charitable organizations.

Learn more about us and our chosen charities:

Our Story

About Lost Creek Hippies Vineyard

I, James Lee and my wife, Linda Norris have a philosophy in life which is centered around the idea that all human beings are connected – what happens to one of us affects all of us. When others thrive and prosper, we all benefit. We put this idea in a plan to help others succeed [...]


Lost Creek Hippies Vineyard Charities

Based on our working knowledge and research, we have designated three charities, one local, one national and one international, to receive our profits. Each of these organizations does outstanding work, has solid management and oversight, and spends a high level of their donations directly on their purposes. The efforts made by these charities are making [...]

Volunteer Hours

In an effort to keep all of our Lost Creek Hippies Vineyard supporters in the loop as to what is going on with the vineyard and how many hours have been donated through physical labor, we will keep a running total of volunteer hours performed on a monthly basis.  Every hour will be broken down into various categories representing the various tasks that it takes to run a vineyard.

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As our apple orchard grows we hope to have Spring and Summer events as well as our Annual Fall Fun(d) Raising Party on the second Saturday in September.
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