Annual FUN(d) Raising Party is Coming Soon! Hope to see you all there.

Happy Summer 2022 to all of you!
It is such a joy to all of us vaccinated folks to know that we can interact without risk of harm to someone with a health condition, or advanced age which makes casual contact with Covid-19 a serious health risk. We’re all helping each other, and that is a good and kind decision we each make. Covid19 pandemic is an evolving situation, and may not be over. The vaccinations and boosters, however lower risk of serious illness if we contract it, which many of us have indeed!
We are very pleased to be continuing our Annual Fund(d) Raising Party on Saturday, September 10 at our farm and Apple Orchard in Pepin, Wisconsin. Your friends and family are most welcome to join you.  The party will start at 1:00 P.M., with an afternoon of various beverages and snacks.  We also will again have Cornhole games, 2 boards and several other semi-challenging but always fun games. We will be serving dinner at 5:30 P.M., and all can hang out into the evening, or if you prefer to stay over we will find a place you you!
If the urge overwhelms you, bring a small snack or dessert to share…. That is so nice if it works for you.
We raise donations for our 3 adopted charities  by asking you to make out a check of any amount to one of them.  Also, all who attend will take home a bottle of our 2019 Altered States Apple wine as our way of saying thanks for attending and helping us improve the lives of our local and distant neighbors.
As a token of our appreciation we will also double each donation you make to a charity by matching 100% whatever you donate!

We will always post receipts from each charity, showing that match,  within 1 month on our website so please look for those in our Financial Section.
We’ve said this in the past, but it bears repeating: We are all ultimately bound together as human beings and when we help another then our lives and our whole society is improved by their success. We all do these actions daily as we help a family member or friend, contribute to our churches and social groups, work on political campaigns , etc. Our Annual Fun(d) Raising Party is our way of helping others succeed  and giving back to a society that has given of so much. We will continue to do this as long as it works. We also so enjoy reconnecting with so many of you who have helped with planting and harvesting of our vineyard.
Our address is:
N1901 County Road CC, Pepin, WI 54759.
Please Text, E-mail, or call me with number attending, for our food planning (information is below). Don’t hesitate to bring a neighbor or friends who share this desire to help those who need a hand.  If you can’t make it to our event then feel free to send us a check (to one of our charities) address to James Lee at the farm address.
Please get it to us within 3 days of the event as we promptly total donations, match them and mail all that to the charities, requesting their prompt receipts on our website Financial Donations sections, so that you know that we do what we say.
Also, we will have persons attending for whom Covid-19 would be a serious health risk. Please do not attend in person if you’re not vaccinated with one of the 3 approved vaccines. We have to keep each other safe.

We have had  a almost 40 year connection with a group in Key West, Florida, called One Human Family. They have mailed out millions of number stickers all over the world… check our their website and request one for free. They believe:
  • Like Fingers on a Hand
  • We are all different and unique
  • We are all of equal value
  • We are all created to work together
  • And although we appear separate
  • We are all linked – and a part of – each other
See you on Saturday, September 10, 2022!

Peace, Love, and Charity,
Lost Creek Hippies Vineyard
N1901 County Road CC
Pepin, WI 54759
Cell: 763-354-0880


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