Our 2022 Fall FUN(D) Raising Party Was a Huge Success! Thank You!

Happy Fall to all you wonderful followers of Lost Creek Hippies Vineyard. We are in Wisconsin and Minnesota enjoying a gorgeous Fall so far, but we are realists: the cold will come and we’ll all wonder why we still live here!
Our 7th Annual Fall Fun(d) Raising Party on Saturday,  September 10 was both great fun and successful in helping out our 3 great charities. We enjoyed perfect weather, many contentious games of corn hole, tasty appetizers and dips of several kinds and a dinner of pulled pork on buns, potato salad and beans, followed by Jim’s apple-cranberry-walnut bars. Many libations were enjoyed also. Most memorable were the conversations we had with all who attended… we just wished we had more time.
Financially we did very well, with checks from many individuals, for the following totals:
Hope Coalition: $2,075 + $200 ( two later donations ) =  $2,275.00
Habitat For Humanity of Minnesota: $300 + $200 ( two later donations )  =  $500.00
Central Asia Institute: $100 + $100 ( later donation ) = $200.00

We at Lost Creek Hippies Vineyard matched each of these donations, for an additional $2,975.00.

Therefore our total donations for this event was $5,950.00

In addition, all who attended left with a bottle of our home fermented and bottled 2019 Altered States Apple wine. (Richard, Karen, Thor, and Poldi, we owe you each a bottle!).  It was a great time for us and we hope to see all who attended and all of you who have attended any of our past events (plantings, harvests, and Fall Fun(d) Raising Parties ) at our next 2023 Fall Fun(d) Raising Party on Saturday, September 9, 2023 – Mark your calendar for this!

Our apple orchard remains a work in progress, with no crop from our Honey Crisp trees yet. We did get 470 apples from our 4 MacIntosh trees, which we donated to a Pepin Grade and High School Community Night Out event .
Meanwhile our 3 charities continue to make our local, state, and international communities a healthier, more educated, more prosperous and peaceful place.
Together, we are all make our beautiful world better. One days it seems like it really needs us, but progress continues to happen everywhere. In our modern age we are much more aware of our shortcomings, but we should not forget:
Every step we take towards Peace and Understanding affects those around us and all beings everywhere!

Happy Winter to all! Stay warm,
Love, Peace, and Charity to All,
Lost Creek Hippies Vineyard



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